Fuel Injector Service

We install the injectors in our test equipment and each coil is checked and load tested. From there, we perform leak tests at 43 psi. Next up, the injectors are run through a series of spray pattern tests at different rpms (200 rpms for starting, 600 rpms for idle, 1,500 rpms, 2,500 rpms, 10,000 rpms, then wide open).

Once this is completed, the injectors are removed from the testing equipment and their filters removed. The injectors are put into an ultrasonic cleaner and again operated at different rpms. Opening and closing them during the cleaning process helps remove contaminates.

After cleaning, we put the injectors back into the test equipment and re-run tests for leaks, spray pattern, and flow. If any of the injectors fail to reach 100%, they're cleaned and re-tested. We continue this until all injectors reach 100%.

The fully cleaned and tested injectors are then installed and packaged for shipment. We'll include a Service Diagnostic Report that shows a comparison of all the injectors before and after cleaning.

If, for any reason, you have a bad injector, you aren't charged for the service on that injector. Please send all the o-rings and parts that are on the injectors. We'll send all the old parts back.